Educators who challenge anD impel participants to perform

The Outward Bound experience would be nothing without our team members. Our trainers and outdoor instructors are passionate and expert educators. In addition to their outdoor certifications they often possess academic qualifications in education, psychology or coaching. They have the technical skills, maturity and experience to both support and challenge our students during their Outward Bound experience.



Annette Kastelein

Annette Kastelein is the CEO at Outward Bound Netherlands. She manages marketing, sales and finances.

Programme Manager

John van der Heemst

John van der Heemst is an Outward Bound veteran. He develops, manages and coordinates the courses.


The board members of Outward Bound Netherlands play an important part in our governance process, and ensure Outward Bound Netherlands adheres to the highest of international standards. Made up of voluntary experts drawn from the corporate, government, financial and legal sectors, the board meets on a quarterly basis, and is responsible for the ongoing financial viability, sustainability and strategic development of Outward Bound Netherlands, in line with the constitution, and taking into account the ethos and values of Outward Bound International.


Jan-Peter Kastelein

Dr. Jan-Peter Kastelein is a chartered psychologist, educationalist and performance coach overseeing education. 



Tonny Bruin

Drs. Tonny Bruin RA is a chartered accountant overseeing the financial and legal affairs.



Axel van Willigenburg

LNTKOLMARNS KMR Axel van Willigenburg is an executive coach, trainer and military mountain guide overseeing safety.

Outward Bound Netherlands

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