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We change how young people think and feel about themselves and their lives, by building their personal, social and emotional skills giving them the ability to thrive at school,
in further education, employment and in life.

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Outward Bound Netherlands is an educational charity that uses the outdoors to help develop young people from all walks of life. 

Our courses take young people on a journey of self-discovery, impelling them to undertake challenging outdoor adventures that require great personal effort and commitment. In doing so, Outward Bound allows young people to discover what they are truly capable of, creating and harnessing the passion and self-belief that can influence them to change their lives for the better.

Outward Bound courses equip young people with valuable 21st century skills for education, work and life. Read More.

Life Skills Courses
For Young People

In a rapidly and constantly evolving world, our powerful Life Skills courses aim to unlock the potential of young people , and to develop core skills, values and qualities that will enable them to thrive in life – both now, and in the future. Read More.


Working closely with schools, colleges and training institutes we deliver two levels of courses, one targeting young people aged 14-17 years, called Skills for Life, and the other aimed at older participants about to enter the workplace, called Next Generation, which has a clear focus on enhancing employability, and basic work ethics, attitudes and behaviours.

Skills for Life Course

Our Skills for Life courses, that are focused on young people in school, aim to change how young people think about themselves and their lives by building the personal, social and emotional skills at a critical time in their education. Read More.

Next Generation Course

Our intensive Next Generation course targets young people in higher education, job seekers or people in their early years of employment, and has a focus on employability issues, skill-set evaluation, basic work ethics and action planning. Read More.

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