next generation course

Our Next Generation courses are specifically designed to create the future leaders in business and society. Be it helping job seekers maximise their chance of securing employment, or helping young people in their early years of employment understand the behaviours and attitudes that will result in success, the impact is tangible.

next generation course

Shaping workplace behaviours

Our intensive Next Generation course targets young people in higher education, job seekers or people in their early years of employment, and has a focus on employability issues, skill-set evaluation, basic work ethics and action planning. A combination of an extended, shared challenge, integrated with a series of facilitated problem solving activities away from mobile phones takes young people out of their comfort zones, and into a powerful learning environment. The results see young people build core capabilities, gain skills that increase their employability and make a positive difference to the performance of employees.

How to book a course

Email us at [email protected]
telling us what you’re thinking, and we’ll work with you to make something happen.



Mobile phones and all electronic devices are a big no no with us! We want you to make the most of your experience and be fully present in the moment without distractions. Do bring your own cameras so you can capture some memorable moments, and your watch so you can be punctual!

No; all food is provided. You are requested to let us know about your specific dietary needs should you have any and we will try our best to meet them.

We can provide all the equipment that is needed for the course. You are requested to bring your personal clothing such as socks and hats, sturdy hiking shoes that cover your toes, personal medication and a torch to help you see at night. For a full list of what to pack, please see our equipment list form in the downloads section of the website, located in the footer of each page.

We can run our courses in English and/or Dutch. Some of our instructors also speak French, Spanish, and German.


We work with and deliver courses for groups and institutions, not individuals. Most of our work is with local and international schools, colleges and universities.

If you are coming on a course with us, you will need to fill out your enrolment and medical forms as completely and as honestly as possible. Your answers will only make us better prepared for your requirements. The only pre-requisite we have is that you are enthusiastic – physical fitness helps, but is not essential! You can find the enrolment form in the downloads section of the website, located in the footer of each page.

There are very few medical conditions that should stop you from joining us. If you are uncertain in any way, just let us know before-hand so we can be better prepared for you and your special needs. We work with a diverse set of individuals with special needs, and our instructors are trained and experienced on this.

No specific level of physical fitness is needed. However, you should expect a physically challenging experience. The better prepared you are, the more enjoyable it will be.

Yes of course! We just need to make sure we have an available slot for you. As the quality of our courses is very important to us, we make sure we don’t overload our resources and have a maximum of 4 groups out per week. Let us know when you can join us as soon as possible so we can book a slot for you – a lot of our courses are booked a year in advance. You can find a course booking form in the downloads section of the website, located in the footer of each page.

There is no straightforward answer to this question. The costs related to each course depend on a number of factors such as how many days, the location, special requirements, number of participants vs. instructors etc. Once you get in touch with us with your requirements, we can design a programme to suit your needs.


Our long-standing reputation for safety is one of the most often-stated reasons for using Outward Bound, and having evolved over 75 years, we are considered as one of the most experienced in our field.

All of our stakeholders demand the highest standards of safety, and we recognise the importance of this. In addition to our own internal systems, policies, reviews and risk assessments, every two years Outward Bound Netherlands undergoes an external examination by Outward Bound International.

You will have to let your families know that your mobile phones and all electronics except cameras will be taken away from you into our safekeeping for the entire duration of your course. For any emergency, they can contact our office, who will be in touch with the instructors during the course. All our instructors on the course will also have the emergency contacts of your family members should we need to contact them.

Our instructional staff undergo intensive training, both in The Netherlands, and through visiting Outward Bound schools elsewhere in the world. All are police cleared, and hold up to date wilderness first responder and first aid certificates. All undertake  child psychology courses, and undergo a programme of continuous professional development to ensure they operate at the highest possible levels.

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