Taking you right back to our roots, this classic adventure is intended only for the most hardened of Outward Bounders and budding explorers. An epic journey of self-discovery, you’ll spend each and every night camped out under the stars. The 21-day expedition will challenge you to become a leader, take the initiative and motivate yourself and others. You will make lasting new friendships on the way and with the help and support of our most experienced instructors you will explore some of the most spectacular places that The Netherlands has to offer from the hull of a kayak, on a classic sailing barge, by mountainbike or foot.

Expedition Outcomes

  • Experience and appreciate genuine adventure

  • Gain confidence to overcome new challenges and improve personal determination

  • Increased self-awarness and personal responsibility

  • Develop team skills with people from diverse backgrounds

  • Work on effective communication and consideration of others

  • Increase concern for, and greater awareness of the natural environment

  • Develop leadership and planning skills

  • Put learning into practice; becoming independent


Outward Bound participants learn by doing. The unfamiliar challenges and activities stimulates dramatic personal development. Spectacular natural settings provide memorable experiences you won’t soon forget. Below is a list of the activities you will be doing:

Step aboard and find out what it takes for people to live and work successfully together to create an amazing sea journey. Learn to read charts, steer, set your oars and still spend time getting to know the other members of your crew. Sail on the sea, exploring islands, learning sea navigation, cooking and sleeping aboard the boat, and working together to keep running on course.

Navigation, winds, waves, tides and currents are bound together like intricate puzzle pieces. Journey to and around islands off the coasts of The Netherlands, where you’ll learn the lessons of the sea – everything is connected, sometimes it takes teamwork to achieve goals, and sometimes you need to step up and lead. On an Outward Bound sailing expedition, you will realise that you can take on more than you ever imagined. And those lessons can help you set your own course in life.

Outward Bound’s history is steeped in nautical tradition. Outward Bound was founded in the tumultuous waters of the North Sea during World War II, to provide young sailors with the experiences and skills necessary to survive at sea. In fact Outward Bound is the nautical term for a ship’s departure from the certainties of the harbour. And while all Outward Bound expeditions are transformative, you really experience that special history when you join an Outward Bound sailing expedition.

Booking an expedition

Duration: 21 days
Ages: 18 and up
Cost: € 2150,- (all-inclusive)

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