Young people today are faced with a complex world. The fast pace of life, modern ways of learning and an ever growing number of distractions often leads to a lack of self confidence and a decline in creativity, initiative and the ability to make the right choices. This can be overwhelming and isolating. To be effective at school, work and life demands important academic skills, strength of character and the personal and social competence to deal with complex problems.

Expedition Outcomes

Outward Bound teaches young people essential life skills. In line with research done by the World Economic Forum, we focus on developing the Competencies and Character Qualities required to succeed in the 21st Century. These are:

  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Curiosity
  • Initiative
  • Persistence
  • Adaptability
  • Leadership
  • Social/Cultural Awareness

In addition to these skills, Outward Bound promotes healthy lifestyle choices and self- discipline amongst young people. Above all, our expeditions foster compassion and care for self, others and the environment.

“Outward Bound delivers very focused courses with a high level of interaction between trainer and students which means that the course can be tailored to meet individual and specific needs.”Head Teacher - College


Outward Bound expeditions are all about learning and the impact this has on the individual. This is achieved through skilful people working in an inspiring and challenging environment and applying an effective process

Nature plays an essential role in our approach to student development. The intensity and immediacy of the outdoors provides an ideal situation for students to see real, immediate consequences to their actions. The setting helps embed learning in a meaningful and memorable way. From our own dedicated training venues, we use the sea, lakes and rivers on our doorstep as catalysts for changing behaviours.
We take groups of students out of the classroom and into unfamiliar natural environments and remove modern day distractions like smartphones, TV and the internet. They are presented with a series of adventurous and challenging tasks which build the attitudes, skills and behaviours required to succeed. We reflect on these shared experiences along the way. This leads to new insights and rapid personal growth. Students get the opportunity to experiment with, and embed new behaviours within the safety of the Outward Bound group. These skills are then carried back to both home and school.
Our staff are passionate and expert educators. In addition to their outdoor certifications they possess academic qualifications in facilitation and coaching. They have the technical skills, maturity and experience to both support and challenge your students during their Outward Bound experience.
The Skills-for-Life is accredited for both the Expedition and the Residential Projects of the ‘International Award for Young People’.


  • Tailored residential courses for groups of at least 10 students;
  • Challenging, fun and safe course environment;
  • Research, evaluation and feedback with proven course outcomes;
  • Competitive pricing and discounts;
  • Simple registration process.

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