Do something different with your summer holiday and achieve something remarkable. From canoeing across lakes and sailing on a classic barge, to spotting seals from the hull of a sea kayak and learning lifesaving skills on the beach, Outward Bound empowers young people to take control. Every summer from June to September, we deliver a range of 21-day adventures for 18 to 25 year olds. An all-inclusive experience, these adventures are designed to leave participants feeling more confident, more determined and better prepared for whatever life may throw at them in the future.

Course Outcomes

  • Experience and appreciate genuine adventure

  • Gain confidence to overcome new challenges and improve personal determination

  • Increased self-awarness and personal responsibility

  • Develop team skills with people from diverse backgrounds

  • Work on effective communication and consideration of others

  • Increase concern for, and greater awareness of the natural environment

  • Develop leadership and planning skills

  • Put learning into practice; becoming independent


Top-three reasons to join an Outward Bound expedition:

You’ll explore the wonders of the natural world. Each one of your senses will be awakened by incredible outdoor settings. You’ll paddle across a lake or down a river, head out to sea on a classic yacht and more. Soak up the sites, smells and sounds of brand new places. Let these experiences awaken something inside. That’s the Outward Bound Difference.

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