Today’s young professionals must be creative thinkers, driven self-starters and possess the social skills needed to succeed in a collaborative work environment. Many first-time employees enter the workforce without the ability to self-manage, work in a team and lead others. Effective employees must not only possess the necessary business acumen, but also the strength of character and the personal and social skills to deal with complex problems presented in the business environment.

Course Outcomes

Outward Bound Netherlands offers courses tailored to your company’s needs, developing the values and capabilities of your early talent. This results in long-term business gains. You will:

  • Spend less time managing young talent;

  • Increase their productivity;

  • See improvements in retention;

  • Make significant cost savings.

We work with you to understand your organisational drivers, to incorporate your specific workplace language and values into the design of all programmes. This enables us to address your needs and accelerate the transfer of learning into the workplace.

A Theory of Change

Our approach – what it means to be Outward Bound. Click here to download pdf.

Our approach

Whatever stage we work with your early career talent – from induction to their final placement, they will leave Outward Bound with a new mental toolkit and feeling prepared for the next stage of their career. We deliver this through our unique balance of:

We don’t sell ‘off the shelf’ programmes. Outward Bound deliver tangible results because we work in partnership with you to understand your business needs. Our behavioural development programmes are designed in collaboration with you, tailored to your specific requirements and with agreed measures of success.

Any questions?

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