Engaging with the natural environment

We consciously include strands of environmental learning into our programs. This complements our work to help participants understand more about themselves, how they work with others and fit into their wider environment. 

This explicit intent is supported by our approach to achieving our learning through authentic adventure where participants are immersed in the natural environment. Without contact with the environment we are not Outward Bound.

environmental learning

Environmental learning is particularly important because:

  • Something special happens to participants when  they spend prolonged time in the environment.
  • It is our responsibility to facilitate and nurture  the special experiences participants have in the  environment when they are at Outward Bound.
  • Participants are losing the opportunity to experience unstructured play in nature. By  enabling this to happen we contribute not only  to participant’s development, but to the good of  the environment in general.

When delivering “the environment” we will take the steps set out in the diagram on the right. This will be done in an inclusive way that threads and weaves its way throughout the course, so that we can; immerse people into our environment, increase their knowledge, challenge their values and behaviours, and transfer those lessons into their lives and their own environment.

Environmental education partners we work with:

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